About Us

Prospect Solutions was formed to provide companies with a high-quality business-to-business telemarketing service.

The Company is comprised of a team of high-calibre individuals who are excellent on the phone but who also add value as business experts. The majority of our team has more than 15 years of business development experience. All of our staff have a proven track record in direct marketing that is relevant to our clients’ business and are articulate, intelligent and fast-thinking.

We employ highly experienced individuals to ensure that our staff can influence decision makers at this level in a coherent and professional manner and deliver the results our customers expect. We will approach every prospect in a consultative manner, building rapport and relationships to ensure that qualified meetings are booked for our clients.

We research markets, identify opportunities and glean relevant information to generate highly qualified appointments and leads that drive revenue for our clients. Our pro-active consultative approach means we are able to provide invaluable information from the outset of campaign delivery that assists our clients in making better-informed business decisions.

As a business, we work predominantly with “high-end” clients such as IT, Communications and other Professional Service providers’. Due to the nature of our clients’ businesses, we generate new business opportunities and face-to-face appointments with some of the most senior contacts within corporate organisations.

Market Intelligence & Feedback

At Prospect Solutions we are loyal to our clients and make sure that any relevant information uncovered during a campaign is instantly fed back as part of our consultative approach. This may include information such as incumbent suppliers, competitive solutions and their current infrastructure.

Quality People

All of our business development managers have between 10 and 30 years of experience generating high quality leads in a consultative nature.


Our team use a value-based approach to accounts to ensure we build rapport with key decision makers.

Tailored Service

We work closely with all of our clients to understand their total addressable market and build out a value proposition which encompasses the key business benefits of their products / services.

Results Driven

We align a dedicated team member to work on your campaign who has previous experience in your sector when possible. We ensure our campaigns become self-funding as quickly as possible and our clients see a fast ROI.